Right in the middle and yet along the waters edge …cycle happy!

The Fleth Tour - along the Stördeich (Stör Dyke) to ‘Else’, the ferry across the river Stör.

Der Flethtörn

Starting in Krempe, the route runs through Krempdorf and along the Stördeich. On the way to Neuenkirchen, you will pass a whole number of town canals (‘Flethe’). Take a deep breath and drink in the vastness of the surrounding landscape.

Driving along the Stördeich, you will get to ‘Else’, a little ferry across the river Stör and the last of her kind in the region. After leaving the ferry, the route turns eastwards and leads along the road to Kremperheide, the municipality next to the Nordoer Binnendünen nature reserve with its rare inland dunes.
The last part of the tour is a cycle path that leads south and back to Krempe.

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