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Fruit Tour - through Neuendorf near Elmshorn and along the fruit trees to the Krückau tidal barrier

Der Obsttörn - Rundtour entlang der Krückau und das Obstgebiet

The tour leads via Kollmar and Neuendorf through a large fruit-growing region. In Neuendorf, the path runs through the lovely district of Kronsnest, where Germany’s smallest ferry helps cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Krückau and enter the marshlands of the Seester Marsch.

Before we reach the former outer dyke of the Krückau river, we can see a real natural monument: a so-called Brake (a pond that is the result of dyke’s breach in the past) in Kuhle. The local tidal barrier prevents flood water from the Elbe entering the Krückau. It was built in the aftermath of the Great Flood of 1962, using dry construction: in a first step, the tidal barrier was built next to the river; in a second step, the river was redirected into a newly dug riverbed through the new tidal barrier.

Crossing the tidal barrier and using the ferry at Kronsnest provides cyclists with a direct connection to the bicycle path network of the district of Pinneberg (Visitors should check the opening hours of the tidal barrier!). Along the Elbe dyke, the path then leads back to Kollmar.

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Der Weidentörn - Rundtour in der Engelbrechtschen Wildnis (c) GDM, Fotograf KratzDer Flethtörn