Guided city tours of Glückstadt - We shall have luck …cycle happy!

Guided city tours of Glückstadt

Experience the king’s dream come true

The historic town of Glückstadt (German for ‘Happy Town’ or ‘Lucky Town’) is known for its idyllic harbour, happy inhabitants and a silvery little animal. Explore and get to know our lovely town on one of our many different tours.

The historic tour will take you back to the time when our town was founded more than 400 years ago. If you’re lucky, our town’s founder King Christian IV or his mistress Wiebeke Kruse will accompany you on the tour.

Luck (or ‘Glück’ in German) was also something, the people who survived the dark times during the 17th century had – for it was an era of damp prison cells, incurable diseases and brutal torture methods. You can get a glimpse into the dark secrets and horrors of this era during our “Dark Times” tour.

Luckily enough, we also offer happiness in the form of our local delicacy, the original “Glückstadt Matjes” (soused herring). Take the “Matjesgang” (Matjes tour) to find out what is behind the secret of its delicate flavour and learn about the era of the town’s herring luggers.

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