Summer all year round …cycle happy!

Summer Tour - through the green marshes around Sommerland

Der Sommertörn - Rundtour durch Sommerland und die Marsch

Starting point, just as for the Peewit and Stork Tour, is the train station of Horst. From here, we drive through Horstmühle and along the Marschmoorweg (marsh road) to the village of Sommerland.

The village’s approx. 850 inhabitants live on an area of around 4,630 acres. The name of the village dates back to the time before the dyke was built. Only in summer, the green marshland in front of the ‘Horster Geest’ protruded from the water and could be used for agriculture. Thanks to modern irrigation, the water level is no longer a problem for the villagers (at least during normal weather conditions…).

Crossing the village’s districts Siethwende and Dückermühle, our path leads us through Schönmoor and Moordiek back to our starting point.

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