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Vegetable Tour - along the dykes through the heart of the vegetable growing region

Der Gemüsetörn - Rundtour entlang endloser Gemüsefelder

The combination of light marshland soil, fresh winds and lots of water provides ideal conditions for the growing of vegetables, which was first started by Dutch settlers after they had constructed dykes around the wilderness. Our first stop is the tidal barrier at the mouth of the river Stör (there is an information panel on the northern bank of the river).

At this point, we can already see the vegetable fields. Together with the wilderness of the so-called Engelbrechtsche Wildnis next to Dithmarschen, they are the largest growing area for vegetables in Schleswig-Holstein. A short way from the tidal barrier, you can take a short break at a nice picnic area at Ivenfleth harbour, which lies, by the way, in the former riverbed of the Stör river.

The tidal barrier was built next to the river, which was redirected for this purpose. Our path then leads on to the picturesque village of Borsfleth. The name of the village derives from its description as a ‘stream with perch’. We continue our tour to Krempe – Holstein’s smallest town. The main attractions of this old harbour and fortress town are the marketplace and the town hall. The path then continues along beautiful farmhouses back to Glückstadt.

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Der Storchentörn - Rundtour nördlich von Horst entlang von Storchennestern (c) GDM, Fotograf Kratz