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The Peewit Tour - along the damp meadows through the heart of the Königsmoor (King’s marshes)

Der Kiebitztörn

The tour starts at the train station in Horst and continues on Horstheider Weg in southern direction across Horstmühle and through Kiebitzreihe to the nature reserve Königsmoor.

The local inhabitants live in an area covering about 1500 acres. This gives you an idea of the vast landscapes and the isolated location of some of the local farms. During the summer, the rose garden with its variety of historic roses is one of the region’s most unique attractions.

The tour then continues through Moorhusen to a district of Herzhorn named Moorhufen and from there shares part of its route with the Willow Tour. Passing Siethwende, a district of Sommerland, our route heads back along Schloburger Weg and Fiefhusen to our starting point in Horst.

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