We roll!
...cycle happy!
Race the colossal ships
...cycle happy!

All routes lead to happiness…

The German word ‘Glück’, as found in Glückstadt, has two meanings in English: it means both ‘luck’ AND ‘happiness’! That’s why we have called our cycle routes ‘Happy Routes’ (or ‘Glücks-Routen’ in German) because they will make you happy if you are lucky enough to see them for yourself. Even more so, they will enchant you with their unique landscape and endless horizons. With the wind at your back, you’ll almost fly across the flat landscape. It’s the perfect way to get away from it all, enjoy life and just drift… What else could you need?! …cycle happy!

A little hint – How to say hi here in the North:

The local greeting “Moin” is what we use up here in the north of Germany as a friendly welcome! So if a northerner greets you like this on your tour, feel free to say ‘moin’ back! This is the best way to make friends and end up having a friendly chin-wag – or ‘Schnack’, as we say – about all the wonderful experiences on our Happy Routes.
Careful, though: The also used “Moin Moin” already borders on excessive chatter…

Cyclist accommodations

Find the perfect “Tour(ist) de Glückstadt” accommodation!

Here you can find the best accommodation for you and your bicycle: Holiday apartments with extra space for your beloved bike. Hotels where you can hang your wet clothes after a tour in our refreshing northern weather. Or private accommodation to rest and refresh for your next Happy Route.

Here, the guest is King and your bike is Emperor. …cycle happy!

Long-distance bike paths

Four different and inherently unique long-distance bike paths run through Glückstadt and invite cyclists to stay for an extended break. If you want to enjoy the wide open landscape for several days, these tours are exactly what you are looking for …cycle happy!

Tidal barriers

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