A quick hop across the elbe ...cycle happy!

Boat trip, bikes included

Fancy a very special bike tour that will make your friends green with envy? Then come and visit us in the Cycling Region Glückstadt. Only here will you be able to take your bike on a boat trip!

On several occasions, you will be able to take your bike and sail from Glückstadt across the Elbe. While your bikes are safely stored aboard, you are free to feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the silence of the river and have the most relaxing holiday ever. This tour allows you to just let go for once. Everything will feel small and insignificant and you will feel nothing but joy and harmony.

This boat trip will leave you relaxed and refreshed when arriving in Stade. Savour this feeling when you start to cycle the beautiful path along the Elbe to Wischhafen. Upon your arrival, you will get your second chance to cross the Elbe in one day: the Elbe Ferry that will get you back to Glückstadt. There, you can round off this special day in one of the town’s cosy restaurants.

And for those of you who would like to start their tour on the other side of the Elbe: Of course, you can do it the other way round as well!

So, secure your place on this popular tour and experience this unforgettable trip!

Booking and information:

Jürgen Albers – albers.hamburg@web.de

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